"As soon as I began working with Jamila it's like a portal opened. I was able to step in and listen to my ancestors' and inner voice with more clarity and insight. Every single session we had was incredibly productive. I always left with a goal and always felt supported with meeting that goal by our next session."

Arlène Casimir, Creator of Lakay Lune


How Arlène Casimir embraced her calling and grew her herbalism business, Lakay Lune

Why I joined the PAID Business Coaching Program

I reached out to Jamila at a time when I wanted to come out of the spiritual closet and honor my gifts as an healer and herbalist by launching my spiritual business. I had lots of doubts because I was weary of the judgment of others who didn't understand my need to integrate all aspects of my identity to show up as my true self in the world. I wanted the support of someone who would use the knowledge of my strengths and talents to guide me, instead of proposing a step-by-step or tried and true plan of success that could only fit certain personalities. I wanted to work with someone who was knowledgeable, spiritually grounded and walking the path, themselves. Jamila was just that person. Her slogan, "cast yourself, you're the spell," spoke to me. It reminded me of the power of our words to create our lives.


What I learned

In addition to the transformative weekly sessions, Jamila used a business roadmap, cardology, rituals, human design, and many other tools to help me better understand myself and the uniqueness that I bring to the world. She helped me to understand my destiny blueprint and how to best utilize this roadmap to create an authentic and successful business. I learned how I was limiting myself and how to overcome those limitations. I am still referring to my cards and human design to see how to direct the actions that I take in my business. My business road map is still unfolding.


Where I am now

Now, I am showing up as me. All of me. And it is incredibly liberating. I knew who I was since I was a child but having a space to be encouraged, supported and transformed allowed me to step out and claim my rightful place as an Herbalist and Healer who shares her gifts with the world without fear. I have set powerful goals and I am meeting them on time. Since my work with Jamila, I have been on several podcasts, been invited to several events, created my website and started to gain support of others on instagram. I have taken off with my business because it is me. I just have to show up as myself and be consistent instead of trying to be someone else. This process has been so liberating. .


My advice to others

Jamila is thorough, thoughtful and takes her clients' business very seriously. I admire the way she made connections to my cardology and human design whenever working with me. We have been on this journey together for a while. What began as a road opening candle service turned into a transformative spiritual consultation and then spiritual business coaching. I remember learning that I would have to wait until my second year of school to begin launching my business. Once I had Jamila's support, I knew I didn't have to wait. Everyone who is embarking on a journey of spiritual-preneurship deserves a coach like Jamila.


Are you ready to start or grow your spiritual business?

Turn your passion into profit with PAID

PAID is an intuitive business coaching program that utilizes ancient wisdom systems to unveil your unique gifts and life path and help you build a successful, profitable, and authentic spiritual business. In addition to co-creating a business model, we also work to develop an entrepreneurial mindset so that you can execute your plan with confidence. PAID incorporates both spiritual and practical methodologies to open your pathway to success and prosperity!