52 Day Cycle Cardology Reading

52 Day Cycle Cardology Reading

Every 52 days, you move into a new energetic cycle, which will influence every arena of your life, from your relationships and money, to your communication and emotions. 


In this reading, we will explore either your current 52 day cycle, or, if you're at the end of a cycle, your upcoming 52 day cycle. 


This reading will bring you fully into the present, helping you to prepare for the challenges and opportunities underway so that you can sucessfully navigate your 52 day cycle with intention and ease. 


Play Your Cards Right! 




Please provide your full DATE OF BIRTH (type out the month) in the notes section when you checkout. If you cannot find the notes section, email me your date of birth at thetrueinheritance@gmail.com


This Reading is recorded and emailed to you. You will be able to download the recording and listen to it at anytime. Please allow 7 days for your Reading. 


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