PAID:  Business Coaching Program (Consultation)

PAID: Business Coaching Program (Consultation)

The typical business coaching model is someone teaching you THEIR formula for success. As a spiritpreneur who has spent a lot of money and time being coached, I have learned that there is no one size fits all formula for success. What works for one person may not garner the same results for the next person if that method is misaligned with their energetic design. When I understood this, I was able to create an effective business model for ME. I want to use my experience and wisdom to co-create a successful, solid business revenue model for YOU!


PAID is a 9 week business coaching program that utilizes YOUR innate gifts and superpowers to co-create a business that is aligned with your energetic design and Soul blueprint. 


PAID incorporates both spiritual and "real world" methodologies to help you build a successful, profitable, and sustainable spiritual business.


In addition to co-creating a business model, we will also work on developing an entrepreneurial mindset/abundance consciousness so that you can implement your model with courage and confidence


PAID is for spiritpreneurs who either want to start a business or already have a business and want to increase their impact and income


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