CROWNED: Transformation Coaching Program (Consultation)

CROWNED: Transformation Coaching Program (Consultation)

CROWNED: Transformation Coaching utilizes the system of Cardology to accelerate mental and emotional breakthroughs and catalyze positive change in your life. 


This 9 week program is ideal for those who want to shift deep seated, self defeating programs and patterning and desire support and guidance in doing this potent, inner work.


Cardology is able to fast track your healing and evolution because it takes out the guess work and allows us to identify the poison AND the medicine based on YOUR Soul's journey. 


Cardolgy reveals your Soul's Blueprint for this lifetime in a hand of 13 cards.


This powerful tool helps you to understand what you came here to learn, to experience, to overcome, and in what ways you must evolve to align with your highest purpose and to achieve self mastery and self actualization. 

We can then use this knowledge to gain deeper insight on your challenges,  pinpoint the belief systems and behaviors underlying those challenges, and develop best strategies to shift you into self elevating patterns and programming. 


CROWNED can be used to tackle any obstacles in any arena of your life- finances, relationships, career, health, you name it.


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