God's Plan: Destiny Reading

God's Plan: Destiny Reading

Every individual comes into this lifetime with a unique plan and purpose. Many spend their entire lives searching for their purpose; most never discover it… until now!


Your life, your personal story, is written like a movie script, using the symbols, colors, and numbers of what people call “ordinary” playing cards. Using the ancient system in the deck of playing cards, your entire life plan, from birth to death, can be decoded.


Every day of the year is associated with a specific playing card. Some cards govern only one day, while others are associated with as many as twelve.


Each card has a specific meaning, determined by its numeric value (Numerology) and its associated planetary influences (Astrology)


Along with your birth card is a spread of cards, called your Life Spread. The Life Spread is the entire hand you were dealt at birth and it reveals your Life Pattern in 13-Year Cycles of time.


Your Life Spread is a set of 13 cards that reveal your Soul's Blueprint for this lifetime.


The Destiny Reading reveals the hand you are playing so that you can uncover and live your personal destiny. FINALLY!


During your Destiny Reading, you will discover your unique destiny blueprint and learn how to best utilize this roadmap to create aspiring vibrations of success and to achieve self mastery and self actualization.


Play Your Cards Right! 




Please provide your full DATE OF BIRTH (type out the month) in the notes section when you checkout. If you cannot find the notes section, email me your date of birth at thetrueinheritance@gmail.com


This Reading is recorded and emailed to you. You will be able to download the recording and listen to it at anytime. Please allow 7 days for your Reading. 


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