Romancing the Shadow: A Shadow Work Course

Romancing the Shadow: A Shadow Work Course

Let’s define the Shadow as the repressed or denied aspects of yourself. Within the Shadow lurks the wild and primitive, the socially and religiously shunned emotions and impulses. Anything that you label as evil/bad, unacceptable, or inferior, and deny acceptance or expression, becomes a part of the Shadow.


The Shadow can be a source of great creativity and power when understood and consciously worked with. However, when repressed, it drains our life force.


The Shadow is created as a means for survival. Maybe you were outspoken as a young girl and you recognized that expressing yourself with confidence and bluntness made people dislike you, so you started to talk less and keep your thoughts to yourself to be accepted. Maybe you were once emotionally expressive, but you were chastised for your sensitivity, so you began to suppress your emotions. Now, you call yourself “reserved” and you dislike emotional or "dramatic" people.


We are all born complete, but through conditioning and socialization, we are taught to separate things into good and evil, acceptable and unacceptable. This includes ourselves— our thoughts, desires, needs, and feelings.  


We learn that our whole, authentic selves are not safe, lovable, or worthy of space to be acknowledged or expressed. We learn to compartmentalize and hide away parts of ourselves for love, validation, and acceptance, creating a split between our conscious identity/Persona and our Shadow.


This split is one of our biggest inner obstacles to fully loving ourselves and living authentically.


Therefore, any Soul work, any work towards self-mastery and self-actualization must include exploration and integration of the Shadow Self.


Through acceptance of the Shadow Self, we take back our power and return to our natural state of wholeness.


And in our wholeness, we are holy.


Life is incredibly complex. It is beautiful and painful. It is full of joy and magic as well as suffering and sadness. The light needs the dark. The world needs your darkness just as much as it needs your light. Your darkness is where dreams are created and birthed, where transmutation happens, where your magic is refined.


When you remove the dark, you cut yourself off from not only the full experience of life, but the fullest and highest embodiment of YOU.


Enlightenment is moving from dualistic and manmade conceptualizations of good/bad/ right/wrong light/dark, into a consciousness of oneness.


This Cosmic Consciousness brings forth the understanding that all Universal forces have their divine place and purpose.


Romancing the Shadow provides a light with which to explore your "dark side."


In this intimate, hands on course, I will guide you through the underworld of your psyche and provide tools to help you unveil and integrate hidden/unconscious aspects of yourself so that you can step into the full depth of your power. 


This 5 week virtual course begins February 4th and ends March 4th. 

Participants will receive assignments and prerecorded classes weekly. We will meet every Thursday via Zoom from 6-7 PM EST to process and integrate our work. 

In addition to the course itself, each participant will receive a Shadow Report. Utilizing the mystic science of the cards, AKA cardology, the Shadow Report reveals your Pluto card, which represents the shadow you fear. This card represents your unconscious hidden side. Because it's a shadow aspect of self, you might even irrationally fear the positive characteristics of your Pluto card while unconsciously acting out the negative attributes. Becoming aware of this shadow and learning to integrate it is a part of our Shadow and Soul Retrieval work. When we learn to consciously work with the energy of our Pluto card and express its positive attributes, we step into the full depth of our power.

This report will help to guide participants in their shadow work journey in the course. 


In this 5 week workshop, you will learn:


  • How to meet and understand your shadow with love and compassion
  • How to give your mind the opportunity for awareness and make the unconscious conscious 
  • How to end unconscious self destructive emotional, mental, and behavioral patterns through awareness and integration of the shadow self 
  • How to identify and release self defeating, constricting beliefs and patterns and replace them with empowering, supportive beliefs and patterns 
  • How to turn the most feared and rejected aspects of yourself into your superpowers! 
  • How to love and honor your whole self so that you can operate fully in your power and genius! 


Registration closes January 31st. 


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