Gene Keys: Prime Gifts Reading

Gene Keys: Prime Gifts Reading

This reading utilizes your Gene Keys Activation Sequence to unwrap your Four Prime Gifts - your Life’s Work, your Evolution, your Radiance and your Purpose.


Your Life’s Work: This aspect of your Profile and its relevant Gene Key highlights the ideal arena of your external work in the world. This is the role that most suits your creative expression and that allows you the full freedom to be yourself without compromise.The Shadow of this Gene Key describes what tends to occur around you when you lose touch with your true self. At the other end of the spectrum, the Siddhi or highest potential of this Gene Key describes you living at the absolute zenith of your genetic potential.In your Pearl Sequence this Sphere is known as your ‘Brand’ as it guides you in how best to express your highest Gifts in order that you can achieve true recognition in life.

Your Evolution: In direct opposition to your Life’s Work, your Evolution represents the single greatest challenge in your life. The purpose of this Gene Key is to inspire you to grow, mature and eventually flourish.The challenge of your Evolution will manifest both internally and externally through its Shadow frequency. As you learn to embrace this aspect of yourself so your life will gradually be transformed.The highest purpose of your Evolution is to allow you to transcend your own suffering and ultimately find deep and lasting peace.

Your Radiance: Your Radiance has a direct bearing on your physical, emotional and mental health.As one of your hidden Gifts, this Gene Key will either undermine your health and well-being through its Shadow frequency or bring great love and vitality to you through its Gift.The Radiance also has an indirect relationship to your Evolution. The more you listen to and learn from the lessons of your life, the more radiant you become.At its very highest level, your Radiance represents the final flowering of your highest mystical potential.

Your Purpose: Your other hidden Gift, your Purpose, lies hidden deep within your DNA. When you trust in your highest dreams and have the courage to manifest them through your Life’s Work, then your Purpose begins to nourish you from deep within your being.When you ignite the Gift of this Gene Key then you activate the forces of synchronicity and grace in your outer life. Your Purpose is all laid out for you already, and all you have to do is unlock it.This can only occur as you embrace your own inner nobility and express it through selfless service and unconditional love.

Taken together, the Prime Gifts capture the essence of your life‘s cornerstones. They guide you into the field of your genius, where you can discover the true purpose and contribution of your life.


As you apply the insights from your Activation Sequence to your life, you will literally reprogram your DNA with a new, higher vision of yourself. Then you can simply watch as your new life begins to manifest. How far you go is limited only by your own imagination!


After you view to your reading, if you have questions about specific aspects of your life and how you can intenionally use your Activation Sequence to move into new fields of self-realization and embodied awakening, you can purchase a one-on-one Integration session HERE



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