Yearly Forecast Cardology Reading

Yearly Forecast Cardology Reading

Every 365.25 days, the Earth completes its orbit of the Sun, returning to its starting position, signaling the beginning of the New Year at the macro level.


Similarly, when the Sun returns to its natal position at the time of birth, a new year begins at the micro level.


Thus, the birthday (or solar return) is the marker of a new pattern in the life of a person that can be decoded using the Mystic Science of the Cards, aka Cardology.


In Cardology, the cards move positions each year, giving you a different spread for each year of your life, which allows for a yearly forecast in much the same way an Astrologer can see your whole year. 


You can use this forecast in multiple ways:


  • To identify upcoming challenges, opportunities, and gifts so that you can best prepare and make the most out of your year.
  • To gain clarity, plan your goals, and take right action.
  • To consciously work with the specific energetic patterns your year will hold so that you can make the most of your cards.
  • To understand how you can transform some specific aspect of your life based on the energies at play for your year. 


The Yearly Forecast is the perfect tool to transform internal and external blockages and to take right action to achieve your goals and elevate your life. 


Play your Cards Right!




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